FirstNet RFP

FirstNet Consultation Task Teams (CTT)

The CTTs are state and territory task teams formed around subjects on which FirstNet is seeking further stakeholder input. Each team will be established for a specific topic and meet over a short period of time. The CTT will provide critical input to FirstNet that will inform network planning and implementation.

Quality of Service, Priority and Preemption (QPP) Consultation Task Team (CTT)

The first CTT will be on Quality of Service, Priority and Preemption, leveraging earlier work of FirstNet’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). The concepts define the user’s interaction with the FirstNet network, namely in terms of receiving prioritized access to network resources, maintaining a secure communication link, and a guaranteed level of service performance. QPP policies are essential requirements for FirstNet’s mission critical users, and are most impacted when network traffic levels rise and precious wireless resources become strained.